Santane – Approved Certifying Body for Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plans

Santane is pleased to inform that PNGRB (Government of India) has approved it, as per the PNGRB (Third Party Conformity Assessment) Regulations 2015, for certifying the ERDMP documents under the PNGRB (Codes of Practices for Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan) Regulations, 2010.

This approval enables Santane to certify Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plans for following types of facilities:
– Hydrocarbons processing installations (refineries, gas processing, LNG re-gasification etc.);
– Pipelines for natural gas, propane, butane and other hydrocarbons (gaseous state at NTP);
– Liquid petroleum product pipelines;
– Commercial petroleum storage facilities, gas storage facilities and terminals including LNG terminals;
– Hydrocarbons gas bottling installations having receiving, storage and handling facilities;
– City or local natural gas distribution facilities;
– Dispensing stations and POL retail outlets; and
– Transportation of petroleum products by road.

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