At Santane, we all are passionate about what we do – whether that is working on challenging billion-dollar Engineering Projects or creating an IOT Product from scratch. This passion comes from a dream to work in synergy with our Clients and Service Providers to add value to their processes, products or services. Adding value is a continuous process and for us it means refining things, methods and processes with incremental improvements each and every time.

With this mind set, we embrace new and innovative ways and technologies in all areas of our operations thereby continuously evolving and improving our products and services which help us to outperform competition.

Our success is linked to the success of our customers and we place customers at the heart of everything we do. With the strong sense of mission and commitment, we aim to win the trust of our customers at all times.


  • Specialist Consulting Services for Floating Installations including for FPSOs, FSRUs / FSRPs, Floating LNG and other Offshore Projects
  • Cost Competitiveness and Bidding Competitiveness
  • Client Focus Approach, Consistent High Quality Delivery, Flexibility in Approach and Ability to respond quickly with Tailor Made Solutions at Cost Effective Rates
  • Use of Advanced Computational, Analytical and Numerical Modeling Methods and Techniques
  • Extensive experience in the North Sea (UKCS) and other areas including Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • State-of-the-Art Internet of Things (IOT) Solutions and Services for Oil & Gas Sector.


Our mission is to become the world’s most useful Engineering, Technological and HR Consulting company known to clients, service users, staff, candidates and other stakeholders for its excellent and fit for purpose services, competitive prices, value addition and innovative solutions.

Our vision is to offer and deliver value based and value added integrated Engineering Services of highest quality consistently across all geographical parts of the world by 2020.

This is how we will achieve this vision
  • In Depth Need Analysis (Industry and Country Specific);
  • Provide Customer Orientated Solutions;
  • Achieve a Sustainable Business Growth;
  • Improve and Simplify Business Processes;
  • Presence in all Continents by 2020;
  • Provide the Best Working Conditions for Employees;
  • Invest in staff training; and
  • Collaborate within the supply chain where appropriate.



We know that our Engineering, Technological and HR Consulting products and services are highly specialist and skill based. Therefore, we employ professionals with highest level of knowledge, experience and expertise. In our team, we have such people who are not only technically best in the industry but also highly committed and passionate to go beyond and above the routine requirements of the duty.


Santane provides committed and confident management who are keen and capable to help customers at all times. Ownership, Trust, Integrity and Accountability are at the heart of our work ethos.


Santane has evolved its services and products in a 'joined-up' approach in order to provide the maximum benefits to its customers who are always looking for integrated solution providers. A 'joined-up' confident approach, including retention, assessment and engagement of personnel is key to business success in current times.


As depicted by our values, we understand the importance of integrity and commitment to the customer and believe that success comes from having a long-term vision, especially when it comes to building long term relationships.

  • Innovation : Use of Latest Technologies;
  • Continuous Improvement : Act as a Learning Organisation;
  • Customer Delight : Aim to Exceed Client Expectations;
  • Committment to Society : Meeting Society's Aspirations;
  • Developing People : Have Fun and Enjoy Work.


Santane is a signatory to the ten principles of the Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We are committed to making the Global Compact and its principles part of the strategy, culture and day-to-day operations of our company, and to engaging in collaborative projects which advance the broader development goals of the United Nations, particularly the Sustainable Development Goals.