Santane provides a comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) strategy along with consulting services, products & end-to-end solutions for integration of Internet of Things (IOT) for a variety of industrial sectors including in Oil and Gas, Chemical / Petrochemical, Refineries and Engineering. We have strong established capability in helping manufacturing & production facilities to integrate IOT strategically in their existing operations so as to optimise key performance targets of performance, efficiency, productivity, maintenance, reliability and safety.

Santane's IIOT solutions provide increased intelligence throughout the organisational processes by collection, analysis and use of accurate data; enhanced control and improved response using fit for purpose automation & control; and better decision making abilities. A lot of digitalisation has happened in the Industry in the last decade, however, integration of all these existing processes along with the new ones using IOT shall be instrumental for achieving significant progress across the industry.

Gap Analysis

Santane's research clearly shows that most of its customers and other companies are eager to benefit from the integration of IIOT solutions in their processes and systems. However, most of them find the first hurdle of “Where do I start?”. This is quite understandable as most of these companies are not dealing with Internet Technology and more importantly have been used to do things in a certain manner over a period of number of years.

Santane solves this challenge by providing a detailed “Gap Analysis” for its customers with focus on following aspects:

  • Strategy: This is the most important aspect of the integration as a well defined and comprehensive strategy will not only help the company improvise on Key Performance Parameters but will also be pivotal for future direction and success of its enterprise;

  • Relevance: Santane has accumulated a number of years’ experience and expertise in Oil and Gas, Chemical / Petrochemical, Refineries, Engineering and related facilities and therefore we know “How stuff works?”. We ensure that the IOT integration is most relevant and fit for the requirements of the customer;

  • Risk: Most of our customers and clients in general want solutions with the lowest possible risk whether in terms of Financial risks, HSE risks or Operational Risk. Therefore, it is imperative that the IOT solutions consider these risks adequately and ensure that back-up plans are available in terms of failures or challenges expected.

  • Integration: Production time and Production volumes are critical for our customer’s revenue model and any interruption to these parameters are considered detrimental. Santane ensures that the IOT integration is smooth and does not cause any major impact on the company’s current operations. This is done by thoroughly identifying and establishing all the weak points in the exiting set-up and by providing robust solutions to mitigate against any impact.

Selection of IIOT Platform

Our IOT Platform provides intelligent solutions for smart manufacturing/production using real time information, data analytics and filtering and mechanisms to transform workflows. All communications between devices are completely secure and are continuously controlled and supervised through multiple networks.

Our solutions help businesses in lowering operating costs, risks and in increasing productivity and performance. These impacts and related information is also available in real time on the IOT platform for the use of Organisation’s Management.

Selection of Hardware

Santane works with a number of established international suppliers to ensure that IIOT solutions are easily implementable using any type or make of hardware and equipment e.g., sensors, valves, pumps, control systems etc.

Selection of Software

Santane works with international software leaders so that the state of the art IOT solutions can be implemented seamlessly in the existing facilities.