HSE Studies – FLNG Project

Project Info

Santane carried out a number of HSE Engineering Studies for an FLNG Design Project. The scope of services included continuous design support so that the HSE risks in the project could be managed and reduced to ALARP.

The following studies were carried out for the project:
  • HAZOP Studies;
  • Cryogenic Spill Risk Assessment ;
  • CFD Fire & Gas Detection Mapping Study;
  • HF Screening Task Analysis ;
  • Control Room Design & Ergonomics ;
  • HAZID & ENVID Studies;
  • CFD Incident Smoke & Gas Dispersion Analysis;
  • Fire Propagation Study;
  • FEA Study for Structural Supports;
  • CFD Explosion Risk Analysis ;
  • CFD Exhaust Dispersion Analysis ;
  • Escape, Evacuation & Rescue Analysis (EERA) and
  • Emergency Systems Survivability Analysis (ESSA).

Cryogenic Spill Risk Assessment

Santane is currently working on improving modeling of cryogenic spills, to better estimate the risk of these spills and in order to ensure the adequacy of protection measures with in the design including ensuring structural integrity.

Key areas of focus for Santane is:

Dispersion of Cryogenic liquid on different surfaces – considering large temperature differential of the liquid between the point of release and ambient conditions, vaporization phenomenon and improved prediction of vapour and remaining liquid quantities and finally estimation of contribution of liquid droplet sizes on the dispersion.

Further details and methods can be provided on request. Please email at info@santane.co.uk.