The recruitment consultant was not listening to me and was not sure what I wanted.

Can anyone guide me and tell me how will my career shape up in next 5 years?

I just need to brush some of my skills and don't know where to go.

I have got everything they need, still I was not hired. I don't understand this.

How are recruitment agencies helping graduates?

Does any such statement ring a bell? Or is there anything similar that comes to mind. If yes, then you sure should talk to one of our consultants.

Our consultants use their knowledge, experience and expertise to advise, encourage and redirect you for your next career move. Their support will help you at all stages of the recruitment cycle enabling you to prepare for future stages of the process. This is in turn will help you in taking a well informed decision about your next career move.

Our training division will counsel you and guide you towards the right training and skills package. We will show you how to raise the bar and what to do to in order to get more job opportunities and to achieve excellent salary packages.


Santane works with you to create a bridge with potential employers so that the skills, expertise and requirements are matched. It is our goal to get the right job to the right candidate within the shortest possible time.

Santane's consultants will keep you updated about all suitable vacancies as soon as they become available. So be sure to receive the updates before the news goes to anyone else in the market.

Complete confidentiality is how Santane performs business. Be assured that your details will be passed on to clients only after your agreement. We will never sell your details to any third parties.

In order to ensure that you succeed , we will provide you comprehensive inputs regarding the interview and the client(interviewing company). This will give you the necessary competitive advantage over other fellow applicants.

Our full and honest feedback on your interview performance will assist you to project your strengths and to work on your weaker points for all future interviews.

Santane is governed by principles of honesty, trustworthiness, transparency and truthfulness. All the communication is recorded to help us comply with internal procedures.


a) We recommend our training modules after performing various tests and analysis so that the training is not only beneficial to the candidate but makes him/her 'sought after candidate' for various job opportunities. We also prepare tailor made training programs to maximize its benefits for you.

b) Employers require new employees to learn quickly and efficiently. We have specific programs / modules which will ensure your smooth settling-in period with new employer.

c) Our training packages have been devised to guide you in your career planning and help you to take an informed decision about your career.

d) We also provide various training packages that are created for enhancing your skills. These programs are relevant for graduates and young professionals.


All our recruitment services for you as a candidate are absolutely free of charge. If you join one of our training programs then you will be informed about its fees well in advance. There are a number of discounts available for graduates, young professionals and unemployed.

Search the job market

• We search the entire job market in order to find the most suitable job for you.

• We provide you access to jobs which are otherwise not advertised.

Apply for the job

• We provide you assistance with your application and CV.

• We advice you on Interview Techniques and Question-Handling.

Invite for an interview

• We provide you full job specification and Company information.

• We provide you detailed feedback on applications and interviews.

Brush up skills

We have free training modules on various skills for you. Have a look in our

Knowledge Bank Resources Section.


Santane offers a referral fee to any individual who refers a potential candidate to us and whom we then successfully place/employ with one of our clients. This applies to all profiles that are advertised or not-advertised on our website. The candidate must stay in the job/position with our client for a minimum period of 12 weeks and we must have received payment from the client.


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