Who Are We ?

Santane (pronounced as "San"-"tain") is an independent Technical Consulting and Human Resource Management company with core capability and expertise in Technical Consulting Services and Resourcing, Recruitment & Training solutions across various industrial and service sectors. We address the needs of a varied customer base across Scotland, the wider UK and selected overseas locations.

Born out of a dream to work in synergy with both Clients and our other service users, Santane aims to deliver the fit for purpose technical solutions to engineering challenges. Similarly, as part of our Resourcing Solutions we aim to provide the best selection of candidates to our clients in the shortest possible timescales. In the same spirit, we help our candidates to get the best jobs and assist them in rising up the corporate ladder.

With the mindset to embrace new and innovative ways and technologies to approach Engineering Consulting and Human Resources faculties, we are continuously evolving our products and services which help us to outperform our competition.

Skills and strengths that distinguishes Santane from its competition in the marketplace are:

Competence :- We believe that both Technical Consulting and Human Resource Management are specialist and skill based services, therefore it is imperative that professionals with right level of knowledge, experience and expertise must handle and deliver these services. In order to provide competent services, we hire professionals with technical and managerial background with right set of academic qualifications, relevant experience and expertise in their chosen sector.

Complete Solutions :- Technical Consulting and Human Resource Management services have evolved considerably in last decade. Companies no longer consider Technical Consulting or Recruitment as 'stand-alone' activities; but consider it as a tool and opportunity to grow and develop their business. A 'joined-up' approach to Engineering Consulting and Recruitment, including retention, assessment and engagement of personnel is the key to a successful business in current times. Santane has evolved its services and products to meet this growing client requirement. Santane provides complete set of Technical Consulting and HR solutions and this includes handling projects from concept through to decommissioning/ dismantling along with value added recruitment and retention, payroll processing, statutory compliance, training & development and managing part or complete set of HR services for a client on retainer-ship basis.

Bankable & Trustworthy :- Santane provides committed and confident management who are keen and capable to help customers at all times. Ownership, trust and accountability are at the heart of Santane's work ethos.

Customer First :- Santane provides client focus approach and services. We recognize that we exist because of the customer so customer interests come first in whatever we do and deliver.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the world's best Technical Consulting and Human Resource Management company known to clients, service users, candidates and other customers for its excellent fit for purpose services, competitive prices and innovative solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer and deliver our value based integrated Technical Consulting and HR services of highest quality consistently across all geographical parts of the world by 2020.

Our Values

Innovation :-  Innovation and implementation of latest technologies in our services.

Continuous Improvement :-   Learning organisation with intent to develop and incorporate new ways in order to continuously improve.

Customer Delight :-  To provide customer delight by understanding their specific interests, anticipating their needs, exceeding their expectations,and making every aspect of the relationship a pleasant and exhilarating experience.

Commitment to Society :-  To focus on the social needs and to develop ways for creating employment and to meet aspirations of the society.

Developing People :-  To improve the life of employees working for Santane and to create an environment where people have fun and enjoy work at the same time.

Message from Director :

Our success is linked to the success of our customers and we place our customers at the heart of everything we do. With the strong sense of mission, we aim to win the trust of our customers at all times.

As depicted by our values, we understand the importance of integrity and commitment to the customer and believe that success comes from having a long-term vision, especially when it comes to building long term relationships. We never forget that our customers have a choice. It is our aim to surpass your expectations by providing simple, effective and tailor made solutions.

We believe in striving for excellence and want to be part of teams who endeavor to the same.